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Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari
morning desert safari in dubai
45+ Minutes Of Dune Drive, Camel Ride Sand Surf, 4x4 Atv Bike & More.
Early Morning Desert Safari
early morning safari
45+ Minutes Of Dune Drive, Camel Ride Sand Surf, 4x4 Atv Bike & More.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari
evening desert safari dubai
Red Dunes Drive, Camel Ride, 3 Live Shows Sand Surf, ATV & More
VIP Evening Desert Safari
VIP evening safari in dubai
Thrilling Adventure high dunes red sand lahbab area dune bashing

Additional Safari Packages

Quad Bike & Dune Buggy
Quad biking and Dune buggy
Quad Bike Ride with Desert Safari, Camel Ride, Sand Surf & More.
Camel Ride Desert Safari
Camel Ride Dubai
30+ Min Traditional Camel Ride, Sand Surf, Soft Drinks and a lot More.

City Tours

Dubai & Abudhabi City Tour
Dubai & Abudhabi City Tour
Includes, With / With Out Ferrari Word Option, Upto 5 Visiting Places.
Hatta Mountain Safari
mountain safari in hatta
Mountain Safari, Hatta Heritage Village, Hatta Fort Hotel, Water Dam

Other Safari Packages

Dhow Cruise Marina
Dhow cruise marina
Dhow Cruise Buffet Dinner – Live Shows, The Magical Experience.
Hummer Desert Safari
desert safari in luxury hummer
Red Dunes Drive, Camel Ride, 3 Live Shows Sand Surf, BBQ & More.
About Arabian Desert Safari Offers

Arabian Desert Safari Offers is offering amazing deals for to make every second of your trip glisten in your memory forever. We at VIP Tour Dubai take care of our guest and provide them every necessity need for their excursion


Desert safari dubai has become a center of attraction for tourist all around the Earth for a past few years. People dream of visiting Dubai once in their life time. Tourists plan their vacations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Planning is the most important part of any trip. If you don’t want to mess up any situation in Dubai you need to plan everything properly. In order to plan your vacation in Dubai you’ll be wanting to checkout all the famous places in Dubai to visit. And of course, we are talking about Dubai so there is no chance of missing desert safari Dubai.

Who we are and what makes us better then others?

You would see many websites offering deals on internet but here you are at Arabian desert safari offers to try all the amazing and best desert safari deals. We treat all our customers with everything we have with the touch of extra fun and thrill since day one. Whether it be morning desert safari or evening desert safari, camel riding or city tours we have all of them covered here for you. All you have to do is to book the desert safari deal which fulfils all your expectations that you have from this trip of yours.


Desert safari is the most popular thing to do in Dubai and it is also the most thrilling part of any Dubai excursion. Morning people who like to start their morning with thrill and excitement mostly opt for morning desert safari. In morning desert safari, you will get to enjoy some delicious drinks on your way to the desert since we giving free pick and drop service for our precious customers.

Other then dubai desert dune bashing?

For sure you will be enjoying dune bashing in the Lahbab desert Dubai in addition to this you can also try out sandboarding in the red sand desert. Some of you might have tried it before some where else but the thrill you will feel here at Lahbab desert Dubai. Since mornings are a lot hotter in Dubai, to keep you cool we are also giving free drinks and ice-cold water. You can also pay extra charges to tryout quad biking\dune buggy or camel riding.


Those people who are late at getting up in the morning, Arabian desert safari offers provide you this amazing evening desert safari. At evening desert safari, you can enjoy much more than in the morning. During evening desert safari, you can enjoy the mesmerizing sight of the setting sun. After exciting and thrilling dune bashing you can opt for any other activity such as quad biking, dune buggy, sandboarding or camel riding until the night shows begin. As the night deepens you will get to relish all the exciting night shows arranged at the camp site. These include so many different types of dances like Tanura dance show, blazing fire show, belly dance etc.

Many other emusements in Evening safari

For those who like shisha smoking, we have perfect arrangement for those people in a separate restricted area. Plus, you can try henna tattooing if you want some of the temporary tattoos. After knowing what you will get in this desert safari deal, we don’t think you would want to miss it.


Well, you must have gotten the hint from the name as it says VIP desert safari, of course you will get this thing called VIP protocol in this desert safari deal offered by Arabian desert safari offers. First of all, the luxurious pick and drop from your doorstep to the Lahbab desert and from there on this VIP journey continues to be even luxurious. Then comes the epic dune bashing in a luxurious land cruiser. You will be provided with refreshing drinks and ice-cold water. After dune bashing you are allowed to opt for any other amusement like dune buggy, camel riding, quad biking or sand boarding. Then comes the mesmerizing night shows like Tanura show, fire show and belly dance. And of course, how can we forget the food you can enjoy food when ever you want during VIP desert safari.


During your desert safari Dubai, you can also enjoy quad biking or dune buggy. Actually, you can try quad biking in two different ways. Ne of them is that you can enjoy quad biking or dune buggy while you are in desert for your morning or evening desert safari you can pay extra to try it. second of them is this amazing quad biking offer in which you can try quad biking or dune buggy for as much time as you want. And also, there will be a guide present right there to explain to you all the necessary measures. Drinks are a must if your going on any desert safari trip.


Back in the times when people had no other choice but to travel across deserts on camels. Nowadays, we don’t have to travel across the desert on these strong animals called camels because we have these luxurious cars to do so. But camel riding is still alive after all these luxuries people around the world like to ride camels. Especially for those people we have arranged a special camel riding offer. You can enjoy all of the camel ride with your family or friends.


In addition to desert safari there are a lot of other amusements that awaits you. In the modern city of Dubai, you can almost get everything you want. Take our Dubai city tour deal to enjoy all the beautiful places in Dubai. Especially, Dubai mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj-al-Arab and a lot more. Visiting these places will make your excursion even more memorable.

Furthermore, Arabian desert safari offers is also giving a deal to visit Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi you can visit so many places such as sheikh Zayed grand mosque, Ferrari world and the spectacular Emirates palace hotel.


To begin with, hummer desert safari is a luxurious kind of desert safari in a 4x4 luxurious hummer car. Bashing the endless dunes of sand in a hummer car is much more astonishing than in any other car. It is a rather unusual type of desert safari but it will make your trip wonderful. As soon as the astonishing desert safari ends a fantastic evening begins with lots of excitement, fun and lastly the most important things for humans the delicious food. While eating food you can enjoy the night shows at the camp site.


Talking about United Arab Emirates the only thing that comes to our mind is desert but little do you know is that Dubai also has mountains and we are already prepared for you to experience. Hatta mountain safari deal is an amazing offer to try and relish. In the end of the mountain safari you can enjoy dinner or lunch at Hatta fort hotel. Since the weather of Dubai is hot therefore after the mountain safari you can cool yourself at Hatta dam. Additionally, you can also visit the beautiful Hatta heritage to get to know more about the culture of Dubai.


Spending a day on dune bashing at Dubai desert you would love to have a peaceful dinner at a quite place. Experience a fascinating dinner in dhow cruise at marina. In addition to a dinner you will also get a chance to enjoy magic show. On the other we have a rather luxurious cruise to have a trip on, glass boat, for the guests who are in love with luxury. You can enjoy a delicious dinner and enchanting magic show both at the same place. While you enjoy your dinner the quite ocean relaxes your mind and body so you can prepare yourself for the upcoming days of your trip. Enjoy this peaceful dinner with our amazing dhow cruise marina deal.


Hesitating to go on a morning desert safari just because you are worried about the heat and rise in temperature. With this in mind we, at Arabian desert safari offers, are giving this exclusive early morning desert safari. In deal to our guest so they can enjoy the morning safari. In contrast to morning desert safari, early morning desert safari is much more cool and pleasant.

Dubai & Abudhabi City Tour

Includes, With / With Out Ferrari Word Option, Upto 5 Visiting Places.

Dubai & Abudhabi City Tour

Includes, With / With Out Ferrari Word Option, Upto 5 Visiting Places.