Camel Desert Safari

A Camel Desert Safari is the most genuine approach to investigate the Dubai Arabian Desert by going on a conventional

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Best Desert Safari in Dubai

Travel to Dubai is a happy three-day journey when you make a good plan. A plan in which you can spend hours shooting photos and videos. A trip to Dubai, a splendid and wonderful life and a desert safari can be considered memorable moments in your life that you will never forget. In the evening, if you go on a evening safari tour, you get the convenience of a camel ride as well as a quad bike, in which you can enjoy and drive for 30 to 40 minutes. In Lahbab safari, you can have a good photo shooting session by wearing a representation of the clothes of Arabs and their strong company. Along with this, you can also get best  desert safari Dubai adventure like Quad biking and dune basing. This is a tremendous adventure for the city’s adventurers and lovers of safari in which they can ride Quad Bike on long drives. Journey of sara safari is such a memorable event In which you will spend a long time with your friends and family .
Down on the big dunes and mountains, Sandboarding is an adventure that you can never do other than Golden desert mountains.
You can reduce this journey when you sit on the hilltop Camel Safari.

  •  Best desert safari with Camel Riding in Dubai plus Sand Dunes tours
  •  Henna Paintings from the best artists.
  • Live BBQ Dinner and Vegitables for families.
  •  Live Fire shows, a belly dance performance by Famous Artists.
  •  Best Tanura Dance in Dubai with BBQ Buffet and Photo-Shooting Opportunity.
  •  On Arrival Welcome Party, Soft drinks and Arabic Dresses to Enjoy the great journey
  •  Photo Shooting in Arabic Customs.

1. Evening Desert Safari Tours with Special Packages

A tour to Best Desert Safari which starts right after 3:00 pm afternoon and includes all the adventure in one trip. You’ll be able to enjoy all the myths that you just have heard about at all. Best Desert Safari trip has Live BBQ Dinner, belly dance, professional henna painting, Camel Riding, Quad Biking with evening and Overnight taste. This trip called the Queen of Adventure in Dubai and Most popular among the others. At Arabian desert safari has a professional team to let you enjoy the best Adventure at affordable packages. Our Prices and Packages are not as high as compare to the market But Quality is much better than our competitors. If you are interested lets book Your Seat now.

Then you all ready to enjoy the best adventures of orange you look for the best desert safari company in Dubai there for awhile quality in a professional desert adventure at affordable prices. well our professional drivers are popular for providing the best adventure like dune bashing Safari and provide an opportunity to record all the best scenes in the mountains of the desert. Our professionalism has no counts as compared to competitors that are trying to improve their quality of services.

If you are planning for Dubai desert Safari adventure you must try Arabian adventures safari offers for its best packages and best adventure opportunity. Dubai city tour with luxurious pickup and drop off. Really interested in finding the best Dubai City tour and wanted to watch the skyscrapers of the best ingenious in the world. you must visit Dubai city in November and December of every year where there are planetary of events that occur after 2nd December the independence day of UAE. A lot of sightseeing places like Dubai Marina’s skyscrapers and Dubai shopping mall with Burj Khalifa tickets and attraction places are included in the Dubai city tour for more than 4 hours a trip with affordable packages.

2. Abu Dhabi City Tour

We as Arabian desert safari company offer you to visit Abu Dhabi City Grand mosque and heritage village skyscrapers and big shopping malls like white marble structure with 22 doms as well as flower parks in Abu Dhabi. We have professional and multilingual drivers with guides specialists in storytelling. Abu Dhabi Corniche is the place where you can enjoy and see the real beauty of the Arabian gulf and scenic photos shooting opportunity.

  •  Go and enjoy the biggest mosque used in the world like sheik Zayed Grand mosque.
  •  Let your breath be taken away at the Emirates Palace along with Etihad Towers.
  •  Enjoy an ecstatic drive along the awesome Abu Dhabi Corniche. Here you will experience the best scenic views of the famous Arabian Gulf
  •  Be able to trace out the ancient Arabian heritage plus artistry whilst visiting the Qasr Al Watan Palace.

3. Early Morning Desert Safari

Another beautiful trip is early morning desert Safari trip that Arabian desert safari company offers and specialists looking for quad bike driving in more than 5 hours trip. plan a dune buggy driving with God by King for single and double seater vehicles. Explore the beauty of the Golden desert of UAE where uh you can bring the most exciting memories of your life to share it with your friends on social media.

4. Dhow Cruise Dubai

Riding on a wooden boat is an opportunity to see high-rise buildings because these buildings are the result of the hard work of the best engineers. That’s why people come from far away to see. You can take a long detour around Dubai by riding on colorful boats floating on the water and enjoying the dinner with your partner is amazing.