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People from all around the world throng Dubai. The most common, yet the most enchanting attraction in Dubai is the Dubai Desert Safari. A wise man once said astutely, “Once the sand of Dubai settles on your shoulder, you can never shake it off”. He was very right. This very observation is before our very eyes today, and we are witness to the fact that Dubai has become a global hub of diversity. It is a major cosmopolitan city in the world, and enjoys a substantial prestige and stature in the region.


A few decades back, Dubai was nothing more than a Bedouin village with plain old desert, and oil wells. Over the years, Dubai has turned itself into an exemplary city with flawless infrastructure and modern lifestyle. Previously, almost entire economy of Dubai was being run on oil. In the recent years, the Honorable Government of Dubai has started switching its economy from oil to tourism.

As a result of which, we can witness the transformation of Dubai into international hub of tourism, and the most happening city of the world. In the present day, it is the city of tallest skyscrapers and most modern architecture. In short, Dubai is literally turned into an oasis in the desert, which has a lot to offer to its visitors.

In recent years, many desert safari operators have sprung up in Dubai. We, the Arabian Desert Safari Offer, proudly claim that we have surpassed all of them in quality, service and prices. It is not just a tall claim, but a fact. We do not outsource any of our services, like many other tour operators.

We have our own team of experts who are diligent in performing their duties. Our tour guides are multi-lingual and courteous. Our teams of expert drivers are jolly and fun-loving. We have our own luxurious 4×4’s to serve you round the clock. We have our own arrangements when it comes to the camp site in the desert. From booking to live action in the desert, we handle and manage everything, leaving no stone upturned in serving you with happiness.

Unmatched Desert safari Offer:

Talking about Desert Safari Dubai Deals, we present you with a range of packages.Our deals are custom made, that are tailored to the requirements of our clients. The Dubai Desert Safari Tours are active all day long. The thrill starts in the morning with our Morning Desert Safari Deal. Feel the magnificence and behold the beauty of the golden sand dunes spread over miles and miles of Dubai desert.

The most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activity during Morning Desert Safari is the Dune Bashing. Experience the bumpiness of the desert in our luxurious 4×4, while witnessing the beauty of the desert.

Desert Safari tour in Dubai

The second round of excitement begins in the afternoon that transforms into our Special Evening Desert Safari. We call it special because of the stunning sunset behind the golden sand dunes. Moreover, the desert conditions during this time are very calm and comforting. Whoever wants to enjoy the desert serenity and relax after a busy day can come in for this special evening desert safari. Make yourself feel comfortable in our camp sites, quench your thirst with unlimited tasty beverages and enjoy the delicious Arabian and other cuisines that are edible for everyone.

Then the third and final round of Desert Safari Dubai comes in when the Evening Desert Safari turns into a beautiful Overnight Dubai Desert Safari, where you spend 17 hours of fun and adventure. You ride the camels, quad bikes, dune bash, or just sit back and relax in our Bedouin Style camps. After the delicious buffet dinner, get enthralled by some of the best performers in Dubai. The traditional Arabian belly dance will make you move to the sounds of the Arabian Desert, making you a part of our dance familiarization Dance and spectacular fire performances conclude the beautiful night. You will have a restful sleep under billions of sparkling stars and galaxies.

Just like Desert Safari Dubai, it is time to enjoy Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai sail on a luxurious yacht. You have the choice of being on the upper open air deck or lower air conditioned deck. Either way, the result will be the same, i.e. a captivating time. Filled with entertaining performances and delicious cuisines, you will not want to miss our Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai.

Be our VIP Desert Safari guest and enjoy the best servings in Dubai Desert. Explore the best plans and pricing of Dubai Desert Safari.

Features of Morning Desert Safari Dubai That Make Everyone Love It

4x4 Morning Desert Safari

You must have heard this phrase in your life ‘Money can’t buy happiness’. Well money can buy you a tour of Arabian Desert. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is all what you need for being happy and relaxed. At least for some hours. Morning Desert Safari Dubai enables you to witness the magnificent Arabian Desert, which itself is a lifetime experience. What can be more exciting than watching the golden desert? It just simply grants you to savor the exquisiteness of Dubai desert from a different perspective.

Let’s dive into the extravagant features of Morning Desert Safari Dubai; it will definitely make your heart to fly right away for having this marvelous experience of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai right away.

Dune Bashing To Rush Your Adrenaline

The most exciting and well-liked activity of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai is the wild bucking drive of four-wheeled luxurious vehicle. Nothing can be more thrilling than the dune bashing in the morning desert safari in Dubai. The best morning desert safari Dubai literally enables the vacationers to witness the Dubai’s golden desert and get entertained on a thrilling ride across the wilderness of world’s best desert. Dune bashing is the most favorite activity of Morning Desert Safari in Dubai, which the tourists love the most.


The nature lover tourists usually prefer the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai over Evening Desert Safari in Dubai, as they honor the opportunity to watch the dazzling Arabian Desert sparking under the Sun. Moreover, there are many sun-seekers who adores the sunlight and heat of Desert during Morning Desert Safari in Dubai.Dune Bashing Buggy

Apart from these excursions, we will take you to all the major landmarks in Dubai, including architectural wonders, luxury hotels, Dubai Creek, Palm Jumeirah, and the Mall of Emirates.

We also take you out of Dubai all the way to the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. There we’ll take you to the Corniche, Marina Mall, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Heritage Village, Presidential Palace, Emirates Palace, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and much more.

Our Dubai Desert Safari prices and prices for all the above mentioned excursions are very competitive and unbeatable. Always remember, every penny that you spend with Arabian Desert Safari Offer will be worth it.

We make you two promises

• We will make your trip a lifelong unforgettable pleasant memory
• You will definitely come back to none else than us.

So what are you waiting for? Rush to Dubai, where fun never ends.

Dubai Desert Safari Activities:

Arabian Desert Safari is offering wide range of Dubai Desert Safari activities. Do activities on Dubai Desert like never before.

  • 4×4 Safari

What happens in front of you is only half the story. Explore the vast Desert on this half day excursion by 4×4 adventure vehicle. Enjoy of the best 4×4 Desert Safari.

  • Quad Bike

For your convenience, we have come up with a selection of quad biking activities. The one of the most Thrilling activity in Dubai Desert.

  • Camel Riding

 In truth, riding a camel is always going to be a little uncomfortable – it comes with the territory. But we’ve got a few tips to help minimize the pain and maximize the thrill in your trip.

  • Tanoura & Belly Dance Shows With Live Music

Enjoy the one of the best folk dance. We will present the best belly dance for you to maximize and refreshing your mental level.

  • Buffet Dinner in Bedouin style camp

Another awesome feature of desert safari Dubai deals is buffet desert dinner in traditional wooden made Arabian camp

  • Fabulous Arabic Costumes

When you made a booking for a desert safari, you get a chance to do experiment with your outlook by wearing traditional and Bedouin’s style clothes.

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What Customers Say

  • Our visit to the to the desert was a afternoon and evening event and incredibly exciting and sole inspiring. A ride on a camel, the drive through the dunes and the sun set leaves you breathless. Take walking shoes and don't forget your decent camera. The evening meal served on low, low, tables is quite an experience and ends a day never to forget!
  • Usually come to Dubai for work or flying on to other destinations but this time I brought the Mrs as we were flying back to the uk so we stopped for a couple of days and took the desert safari. We were picked up on time and had some other families joining us. The thrill of the rides in the desert and the final desert camp including the belly dancer show and food was absolutely great.

About Dubai

Dubaians (as some might call them) celebrate National Day on December 2, the day the United Arab Emirates broke from the U.K. in 1971.

It’s never not hot in Dubai. The average summer temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and in January the average high is 75. This is probably because the city is near some massive desert dunes.

Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the world. With lots of attractions to see and lots of activities to do.

Get the best Dubai desert safari deals from Arabian Desert Safari Offers. Not only the best Desert Safari Deals but also the best services like pick & drop, photography and more.
  • AED 55 Evening Desert Safari Deals.
  • AED 110 Morning Desert Safari.
  • AED 220 Overnight Desert Safari.
  • AED 280 Hummer Desert Safari.
  • AED 100 Dubai City Tour.
  • AED 220 Abu Dhabi City Tour.
  • AED 120 Hatta Mountain Safari.
  • AED 150 Jet Ski Tour.

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