Abu Dhabi is one of the richest city in the world. It’s not only rich financially and economically, but rich with attractive tourist spots that attract tourist from all over the world. The main attractions of this wonderful city can be enjoyed with Abu Dhabi bus tour facility, which will take you to all main attractions of the city. If you are visiting Dubai for business purposes, make use of the Abu Dhabi tour from Dubai packages that various travel companies are offering for you. Have a look at the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi:


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

The absolutely beautiful and mammoth Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a must visit if you are considering a plan for Abu Dhabi tour. The mosque can accommodate 40,000 worshippers at one time and is the largest mosque in UAE. It took around 20 years of construction and finally opened in 2007. Made with Macedonia marble, this mosque is a perfect mix of art and modernity. Mosaic tiling, intricate carvings, and the very captivating and quality glass work gives a very eye-pleasing and marvelous effect on its exterior and interior making it an every photographer’s paradise. Abu Dhabi mosque tour takes you into another world full of cultural heritage and Islamic architect that you will witness nowhere else.

Al-Hosn Palace:

Known as the White Fort and also as the Old Fort, Al-Hosn palace, holds a prominent place in the cultural history of UAE. It was the resident of the ruling family and was built in 1793 making it the oldest building of Abu Dhabi. Cultural Foundation of UAE uses this palace for operating the Centre for Documentation and Research that holds the history and heritage of the UAE and Gulf region. Its interior has been renovated and is open for visitors to experience the appealing beauty of this architect. It’s noticeable features include the courtyard, the main northern gate, and a museum that it hosts.

Observation Deck:

Etihad Towers Hotel located in Jumeirah offers the highest point in the city. It is situated on the 74th floor of the Tower 2 and offers unbeatable views of the surroundings of Abu Dhabi. Sit back and enjoy your high tea there while enjoying one of the finest views in the whole Middle East.

Emirates Park Zoo:

Perfect for a family outing, Emirates Park zoo hosts a variety of animals at the wildlife park. Giraffes, White tigers, elephants, monkeys, and many other animals are there which will definitely make your day full of fun. There is a petting zoo section where children can touch and feed different domestic breeds of animals.

Apart from the above-mentioned places, Abu Dhabi has many other attractions for the visitors to enjoy like Heritage village, women’s craft center and boat tours. To enjoy the maximum of the tour, get the best Abu Dhabi tour package from a host of travel companies offering you packages like Abu Dhabi tours from Dubai and from anywhere else and make your lifelong memories.

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