Morning Desert Safari

Mornings are a time of serenity and often stand for a new beginning. Desert Safari in the morning is a great way to experience the gold and sandy desert in all its glamour and glory. It is perfect for families due to its short ride of 2 hours and more adventurous activity than in the evening safaris.

Morning desert safari includes adventurous dune bashing with sand splashing and smashing itself playfully on the vehicles doors.

This safari doesn’t include meals or live dance shows but surfing and skiing through the widths and depths of the desert in the United Arab Emirates.

Morning desert safari starts from 9 in the morning and lasts for two hours. It includes picking the clients from the hotel and going for dune bashing which is a very enthralling experience , with all the ups and downs of ever-changing sand dunes and speed of the vehicle, mostly a powerful jeep or car, it is an unforgettable experience which lasts for twenty minutes.

These twenty minutes prove to be most exciting part of morning safari. Then the cars head to camps where various other fun activities are arranged for esteemed guests. Here they can enjoy quad biking which is another exhilarating endeavor. Facility of camel riding and sand skiing is also provided but they are provided on paying extra charges.